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Cannabis Cup what what?

imageMindee here!! Man…I have had to do 2 hot box missions solo recently.  sacrifice a virgin (smoker, that is,) and go get blasted at Cannabis Cup.  Easy missions, I know, but I can’t wait til Mary is back in her saddle this Tuesday for our Dale Crover special!!!


But enough pining over my lovely lady, we got important Hot Box gossip to get to!  Last weekend I went to the Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. It was SUPPOSED TO be in LA, right next to our blessed studio, but shit went down and it got moved…twice! First to Glendale, and then to San Bernardino.  Lucky for you, I got an exclusive interview with Nico Escondido, Editor of High Times Magazine, and the man in charge of it all.  Be on the lookout for the full  interview on our soundcloud, and at  We discuss why the venue had to change, growing tips, and why in the hell marijuana is still illegal.

It was a cloudy blurr, my time at the cup, but I remember a lot of coughing, phallic potatoes, DJ’s trying to out blast each other, ladies shuffling around in their underwear, and the awkwardness of 2,000 stoners baked as hell bumping into each other.

I did purchase a lemon-lime Chronic Ice, a hemp beverage that I chugged down in 60 seconds.  I must say it was very thirst quenching, smooth, like a sweet flavored tea.condido  I also must say I don’t remember leaving…


I bought some weed too! Girl Scout Cookies from Life is Good Healing.  This is what we “fed” our little virgin Alex for his first time smoking last Tuesday.  What a dank fucking weed to start on!  The moment I opened the bag the whole studio smelled scrumptious.  Make sure you check out episode 23, you can hear how good this weed is over the radio.

Also, if you want to hear more about Cannabis Cup, I do mention some of the places and products I checked out, my review of the food situation, as well as finding out what the cookies did to Alex.

My hamster needs me, so I will see YOU Tuesday February 26th at 9pm pst, as Mary and I get ready to wreck brains with the help of Dale Crover!

See…we TOLD you! Dale Crover is coming…

Whats that? Success? We DID IT?  What?


Well boys and girls, when The Hot Box says were gonna do something…we fucking do it! And with that….

It is our pleasure to announce that DALE CROVER will be our guest February 26th.  That’s right, this heavy hitting, fierce, fanatic, and EXTREME drummer god will be sitting with us box gals to talk some drums!

You have probably heard of Dale from a little band called THE MELVINS, which we talk about like every other episode.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, Fantomas, Men of Porn, Shrinebuilder, or Nirvana might.  Are you stoked yet? You should be.

As you know, drums are very important to us here in The Hot Box.  For us, this is big.  This is very very BIG. Like meeting Jesus big. But bigger.  Seriously. 


So mark you calandars and set an alarm, because February 26th at 9pm pst, Crover will be in the box.


Today, Mary and I successful infiltrated NAMM. We got a few hot interviews on some interesting products, banged on some drums, and ran into that one drummer we have been trying to get on the show since Episode 1 – Dale Crover. What a fucking day.  My fellow sound board op Nicholas came along, and Station Manager Jeremy was there and mostly awake.  Mary and I had a mic in one had and a camera in the other as we raced up and down the halls, overwhelmed by how gigantic this convention really was.  It was so massive, that I didn’t even get to the brand of my own drums, YAMAHA, which was in an entirely different building.

Media it is!

Media it is!

I was also saddened to not get to the promark booth, since I use Promark 747′s, Japanese Oak.  I did luck out in finding BOSO drumsticks, they hooked me up with some 5A’s bamboo.  I like the idea of bamboo drumsticks.  I have always been partial to Japanese Oak since it is more massive than Hickory.  Bamboo is known to be pretty strong so I am gonna play around on these and let you know what I think.  Bamboo is a bit more environmentally friendly that traditional wood sticks, and I often wonder about how and where to recycle all my broken sticks.

Oh yeah!  We also ran into a cool booth that recycles old drums to make furniture, clocks, and other cool artwork. They were called Drumiture.

Mary found some ESP guitars that really sang to her heart.  The artwork was quite touching. I messed around on a few sweet basses, but I am usually partial to fender P-basses. Played a little Thriller while Mary did some free-styling. Sorry folks, but I maybe touched 3 guitars.

So, this is just Mindee giving you a little run down while it’s fresh in my head.  We have a lot of interviews and other fun tidbits recorded, and we will be doing our NAMM SUPREME episode one week from this Tuesday.  You will hear first hand of our adventures, and what fascinating products and people we came across. We will be editing out little hearts out all week!

In the meantime, here were the highlights of my trip

+ The people who pulled up next to us bumping The Little Mermaid soundtrack.

+ Mary finally got her cloves back

+ The 3 seconds that I was sucking down my little vodka cranberry


Until Tuesday…..PEACE!



It’s NAMM Time

Exciting times in The Hot Box!  Last Tuesday we were rocking it up with Mesia in the house, and this weekend The Hot Box is taking over NAMM! I sense we will be spending a lot of time in the drum hall!  Make sure to catch next weeks episode as we share NAMM stories, give ya the low down on some new products, and rape your ears with some crazy awesome music.

Friday date night

Ahh the romance! Mindee here, having a fucking AMAZING Friday.  Who’s with me?  Manny and I went on a date to the rehearsal studio to ROCK THE FUCK OUT while getting high in the sky.  Now I’m here typing this, loading a bowl, and waiting to get some epic taquitos served to me. NAMM is next week, you KNOW we are stoked for that.  Thinks are about to get busy for The Hot Box. We’re going BIG.

NAMM watch out! Here comes The Hot Box

That’s right….The Crazy Hot Box gals will be at this years NAMM convention, interviewing artists and getting the low down on what’s hot in music gear.  Mindee will be testing out every mother fucking drumset she can get her “Sticks” on, whilst Mary scans the convention for some stars.  The real question now is….How high will we get before we go?  Make sure you Tune in on January 29th to get all the gossip on our Hot Boxing NAMM adventures.

Playing with goldfish


I was just wondering, what happens if you put a goldfish in a glass of Soda?  Not that I want to try it, just from a scientific point of view.  Would the fish be able to breath?  How long would it take to dissolve the fish?


Or what about putting a goldfish in alcohol? Or bong water?



These are pressing questions!




Hey there all you silly stoners, Mindee here!  Hope your as “baked” as I am.  Speaking of baking, making some pumpkin bread right now.  Getting excited about our Halloween Spook-tacular!  We are going to party it up the only way we stoner gals know how- with a blunt in one hand and a bowl in the other.  Tune in next Tuesday, gonna be a great show!  Speaking of Spook, that was the name of my first pet.  A beautiful kitty I got the day before Halloween when I was in 1st grade.  She was mean and feisty, kinda like I was.  What special memories does Halloween bring back for all you listeners?  Give us a call on Tuesday, lets talk about it!

Ranty ranty

Mindee here, howdy! We just got done broadcasting our 5th episode.  We have been up and kicking for over a month, damn!  Episode 5 was adventurous, we had a few friendly callers, and some crazy conversations. After the show, Mary, Cassie and I enjoyed some pop rocks.   Looking forward to next week, number 6.

Welcome to the Hot Box


Greetings! Come one come all to our fun and 420 friendly radio show.  Mary, Mindee, and Cassie are your hosts on this witty, silly, weed lovers show.  Tune in Tuesdays at 9pm pst for an hour of shits and giggles, bongs and blunts, music and movies. You never know what is gonna happen next on the Hot Box.